Kindroot - Adaptogems™ Lozenges for Immunity

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so many mouthfeelings™ 
shield + boost blend

flavor: orange'nilla float (20 lozenges)

  • vitamin C helps support your immune system
  • reishi mushroom encourages calm and resilience
  • bright orange + smooth vanilla = float flavor vibes

how: unwrap 1 adaptogem as needed. enjoy and stay ready to slay.

active ingredients:  vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), reishi mushroom extract.

other ingredients: organic rice syrup, magic acid, natural flavors.

adaptogems™ = smooth little lozenges that blend adaptogens and other actives with delicious aromatic flavors.


  • organic ingredients
  • gluten free
  • vegan
  • sensory flavours
  • 2 grams of sugar