Base Camp Coffee - Van Life

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The Hiker's Brew classic French Vanilla coffee is creamy, rich and oh so delicate. This satisfying flavour will leave your palate craving more with every last drop!

Yields - (32) 6 oz. cups of coffee

Per pouch dimensions - 2.5" x 3.75" x 7"

Compostable packaging

Organic & Fair trade coffee

Hiker's Coffee beans are organic and fair-trade! Their goal is to make sure their coffee is as sustainable as possible.

The beans come from a sustainable distributor in the midwest that sources green beans from all over the world. Majority of their Medium Roast coffee is a Columbian-Brazilian blend. The Dark Roast is a Guatemala-Sumatra blend. 

Hikers Brew was created in Eau Claire, WI on March 4th, 2016. Created by young entrepreneurs driven by sustainability for the outdoors. We want to make a difference in how product packaging could be viewed by the consumer. 

Hikers Brew focuses on creating sustainable coffee that you can be proud to take on your next outdoor adventure. 


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