Winter Sale and what to snag!

The time is nigh for grabbing some great deals @ Muttonhead, folks!

It’s not warm enough out to toss your winter wardrobe to the side just yet- after all this is Canada and we all know what happens when we assume the weather will stay nice.. If you're from outside Canada, well then it's also your lucky day- get in on this!

 Do not miss out on these classic Muttonhead staples my friends! Here’s a list of rad pieces to snag before they are ggggone.

We've put both our waterproof and wool outerwear options on sale, perfect for the weather now or the transitioning period from Winter to rainy Spring! 
Whether you need some cozy track pants or just really dig the style of our tapered Baseball pants- they are both on sale so you don't have to choose! Grab 'em both! 
Rep some Muttonhead pride with our printed Crews. Fleece lined for comfort and printed for style. Most Colours can match up perfectly with the sweats we also have on sale for a perfect track suit. 
5 and 6 panels available in the sale as well, wool canvas or waterproof! If you're the type of person that hates carrying a wet umbrella, we suggest the waterproof caps. Perfect for the upcoming rainy spring months!

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