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We’ve got another retail feature coming at ya with this weeks highlighted stockist, Get the Goods. Hailing from Whistler, this Creekside Village gem offers bespoke and nature inspired gifts and goods to get you feeling inspired and thinking. It also doesn’t hurt that their facade resembles a cute log cabin; the kind you’d find tucked away in the woods- with an equally tranquil and woodsy feel all the way throughout its interior. This shop is sure to put  you in the mood to relax while you shop.

Get the Goods is fairly new to the game who first opened their doors in December 2017. They have an eclectic collection of products sourced from all over the world with a range which is curated to inspire you to build, create, write, read, converse and to think. They want you to get a sense that when you take a wander through the shop, you'll hopefully find a unique and meaningful gift for every person in your life- and don't we need places like this in our lives? Haven't you ever been utterly stumped on what to get for a person, but suddenly remember these eclectic places that in the past you had spent hours wandering around in? That's where they come in, fulfilling all your personal and gift giving needs! 

The atmosphere in the store is designed so that customers feel welcomed and have the time to see everything there is to offer. There are so many interesting products to see, so really getting to experience a diverse and  eclectic curated range is a must upon visting, so take your time! There is definitely something in store for everyone! 

GTG opts to not only support Canadian brands and local businesses, but offers internationally sourced brands as well; doing so to show the excellent quality of Canadian brands compared to their equally as well curated internationally sourced ones. Being located in the mountains, Muttonhead products work perfectly for their customers!

If you're in the area or just wanting to know a bit more about when GTG has to offer, visit their Instagram and stay tuned for their official website launch in May 2018- It will feature a selection of their products and the stories behind why they chose to stock them!


Nestled in a little village with access to a Creekside Gondola and summer biking access to Whistler Mountain in the warmer months, whats not to love about a place like this? Get yourself there for a good view, good shopping and even a cup of tea!


Instagram & facebook: @get_the_goods_whistler

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