Save Our Scruff Dog Adoption Event @ Muttonhead!

It’s no secret that animals are the zest of life; Everywhere you look, you can find a happy pup trotting down the street, a cat happily sunbathing in a window, or animal memes posted to friend or family's social media accounts as a little reminder that there isn’t a thing in the world that cute animals cannot cure. Their very presence can lift up almost anyone in times of sadness, happiness or simple companionship.

If you’ve ever stopped by our Roncesvalles location, you can always expect to see our dog buddies hanging out with us while we work- their happy faces eager to greet anyone that will have them. A dog is also Muttonheads mascot, the face of our company! So if you are an animal enthusiast like we all are here at Muttonhead, you know that animal welfare is a huge priority that shouldn’t need to be explained or defended, yet unfortunately it still needs people like us to raise our voices up and fight for the voices they don’t have. This is why Muttonhead has teamed up with the Toronto based organization Save our Scruff to bring a dog adoption event to our two locations in hopes of finding these sweet angels new homes while simultaneously educating people about animal welfare.


Save Our Scruff is a not for profit organization that relies on kind hearted volunteers who dedicate their time to rescuing dogs and finding them safe and suitable forever homes through adoption, advocacy and education. Until they reach their well-matched and carefully screened forever homes however, SOS work with all possible resources including veterinarians, volunteers and trainers to ensure that these rescue dogs are provided with loving temporary foster care. No dog is too big or too small, too sick or too temperamental, no breed prefered or given priority. As SOS state, “A dog in need is a dog in need” and they will work with these dogs until they are ready to move on to their next stages in life.


If this sounds like the sort of thing that is close to your heart, we encourage you to come out to our events and show your support (and adopt if you can!) for these pups that so desperately need us, so that they can continue living their best life! Whether it’s purchasing some SOS merch (all proceeds going to SOS), adoption, or simply learning- every little bit counts!


See you there dog lovers!


Save Our Scruff Adoption Event @ Muttonhead Roncesvalles: Sunday November 12th at 12pm

Save Our Scruff Adoption Event @ Muttonhead Beaches: Sunday November 19th at 12pm


To find out more about this amazing organization, go to

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