We’ve got a bit of light reading for you on this rainy friday afternoon with another retail feature! We’re coming at you aaalll the way from Gatineau, Quebec this time with Boutique Le Local.

Le Local opened their doors in 2010 with the desire to offer exclusively Canadian-made clothing, jewelry and accessories on one of the oldest streets in town. The love story between shop and  customer has grown ever since then, which sparked the decision to move to a bigger and better location to accommodate.. just next door! The shop is cared for and curated by 7 passionate stylists who are presently working on finding the right partners and product to transpose the boutique online, so stay tuned for their website launch coming very soon! If you would still like to see what BLL is up to now however, visit their various social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram!

The store’s atmosphere is a warm and welcoming one, in a hand-made/industrial design and functional environment. In an evolving neighborhood, the street they are located on is unique; Many services are present but not many chains have storefronts there. Mainly independent businesses are mixed-in with very colorful residents. In a small evolving neighborhood, this is great news for their outdoorsy shop a just bridge away from parliament hill.

If the atmosphere isn't enough to pull you in, BLL are keeping their product within the same vein as us here at Muttonhead. They only offer hand-made/Canadian made goods. Again, much like Muttonhead, BLL stands out of mainstream fashion by being urban and adventurous, functional without compromising style, and fundamentally  Canadian which serves as a sort of camaraderie between company and customer.

If you’re ever in the area, pop by and get your Canadiana fix!

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