The time has come for us to start a little string of blog posts we like to call Product Features! Each week we are going to pick out a piece we are loving and highlight all the rad things about it in hopes that it aids you in a smooth shopping experience! We will try and get to all those burning questions you may have, and all the specifics! Of course, if you have any further questions we may not have touched on, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to expand on any inquiries you have!


First on the docket we have our Waterproof Fishtail Parka!

 A common question we get often is if our Waterproof Parkas are actually waterproof. Rest assured, they are! Let's take a look at what Polyurethane actually is so you can get a better idea of what is protecting you out there!


What is Polyurethane?

A synthetic resin used to coat and protect a wide range of commonly used items, designed to keep the weather out and the comfort and heat in. In this case, our Waterproof Parka is coated with a matte polyurethane shell surrounding the garment. With its inner fleece lining, it aids in keeping the damp and wetness out and your body heat close.

Common things made from Polyurethane:

Furniture and lining which we so often use! The nice firm foam you get in those luxurious sofas? Polyurethane! You can also find this versatile material incorporated into thermal insulation in jackets and building structures to keep the cool out and the warmth in!

Footwear and protective coating are also common items which use this durable material- especially in athletic footwear to provide comfort and support. And lastly for now but definitely not least, another instance where this material is handy is in varnishes on our cars designed to help defend and even prevent scratches and damage from the weather year after year.

 So as you can see, we rely on polyurethane much more than some of us even realize even on a daily basis- why not protect yourself with something tried and tested to be one of the best?


Some great features you can find in our Waterproof parkas:

  • Matte black snap closure
  • Double Lined Hood
  • Waterproof
  • Hidden Drawcord at waist
  • Classic Fishtail shape
  • Fleece bonded for warmth
  • Matte outer Polyurethane membrane


We love the length of this coat, and the fact that it sports deep and wide pockets makes for useful places to stash your belongings if you choose to not carry a bag. No umbrellas needed either with the hood lending a lengthy arch over the forehead area, and a close snap closure around the neck for a snug fit.


If all this still doesn't convince you of the benefits of owning one of these coats, we urge you to stop by the shop and try one on for  yourself. We have a feeling you wont leave disappointed (or empty handed!)

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