Whether you’ve been a loyal Muttonhead customer or a new one just getting to know the brand, you might have noticed our wide range of Camping Hoodie styles that can be found in our shops and online, year round.

Similarly, if you’ve ever purchased one of our Classic Camping Hoodies, you’ve probably noticed that it’s been around for some time as well. But if you’ve ever wondered just for how long, well we are proud to say that it was a piece that debuted with our first ever Muttonhead collection all the way back in 2009. Year after year, this staple piece has made its way back into each Fall/Winter collection without fail, gracing our shelves by popular demand and customer satisfaction.


We realize the importance of quality garments; ones that stand the test of time, and our Camping Hoodie is certainly among those pieces that holds up and never goes out of style.

From Waterproof, to fleece, Sherpa materials, to two tone editions- we’ve tried to incorporate as many interesting ideas for our Camping Hoodies to keep our older customers nostalgic, and our new ones feeling fresh with each new tweaked design.

Recently, we’ve added something new and exciting to our Camping Hoodie roster; a series of patterned hoodies named after some really great places across our country! These patterned hoodies offer that same fleecy feel that you know and love about our Camping Hoodies, but offer a bit of a different spin for those that want to make it more of a statement piece.

So what makes the Camping Hoodie so special? We think the fact that it is completely unisex is a good enough reason as any to start. The fit and design itself is what keeps this piece from making its way back, with its flattering rounded bottom, a deep enough hood, and tortoise shell buttons. It's a spin on a classic hoodie, but offers the comfort of your favourite blanket- all the while looking great and offering a unique structure, flattering for any body type. Whether you’re layering it in the winter, wearing it with your tracksuit, or taking along hiking to keep you dry, there are literally a million ways to wear it. We like to layer it with a warm plaid button down underneath, or a quilted vest overtop; but whatever material you dig, you can always count on this hoodie to fit perfectly no matter the style you’re going for.

Sample sales are always a great way to peep new hopefuls and old reliables! Make sure you are up to date and subscribed to our emails so you can catch our next Sample Sale and snag one (or two!) for yourself!"

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