Today were chatting all about Baseball Pants and ways to wear them!

Let’s start by saying that these pants are another classic Muttonhead design that returns year after year by popular demand and trusted quality. They are the type of pant that bypass gender norms and can be worn by anyone, anytime!


The best part about these pants is probably the fact that the fit works for all body types. It features an elastic waistband paired with a drawcord for extra support, so you can expand and contract the waist with ease and comfortability. The pants give enough room around the thigh area for mobility and then start to taper around the calves for a more all around put-together look. Finally, there is another elastic band around the ankles which is great for a number of reasons. They are easily tucked into boots in the winter, and stretch enough to hike them up for a shorter look towards the warmer seasons.


The tapered fit of these pants seems to be a great draw, but the fact that they come in a plethora of colors and materials is also a great selling point! You can choose between a denim look, rust canvas or even a solid black and the list goes on.  


If you are the type of person who prefers to  include transition pieces into your wardrobe, and find it easier to take a look from day to night or dressy to casual conveniently- these are the pants for you! Equipped with 4 pockets, and reinforced stitching at the seams, they are a dependable choice for any occasion.


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