Ouid Relax Blend

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Chill out with this soothing and nurturing Relax blend. Calm your body, ease your mind, and unwind with the support of mellow herbs such as catnip and chamomile, known for their ability to support relaxation. Perfect for anytime you need to wind down.

Bouquet: earthy, herbaceous, slightly sweet Tasting notes: soothing taste of chamomile, hints of citrus and mint Terpenes: linalool, myrcene

Relax Ingredients catnip, marshmallow, mugwort, skullcap, lemon balm, chamomile, hops

What are ouid herbal blends?
These blends are an all natural way to customize your rolled herbs. They are meant to be rolled in a joint as a way to control how high you get. They can also be used on their own. These blends DO NOT contain any weed. 

What’s in these blends? 

Each blend has been carefully designed by a registered herbalist. 

  • Uplift: mullein, gotu kola, uva ursi, red raspberry leaf, tulsi, peppermint
  • Relax: catnip, marshmallow, mugwort, skullcap, lemon balm, chamomile, hops
  • Arouse: red raspberry leaf, damiana, lavender, catnip, calendula, lady’s mantle, passionflower
Ouid Relax Blend
Ouid Relax Blend