Kids Recycled Tee - Campsite - Heather Green

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A staple piece in the Muttonhead lineup, we decided to shrink down the our tees into a size that will fit your little ones. 

This fabric is made using recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are sorted, sterilized, dried and crushed into tiny chips. The chips are heated and spun into a yarn, then crimped to create a polyester fabric with a wool like texture. The polyester yarns are spun together with Organic Cotton and Rayon then bailed, dyed and knit into meters of soft fabric. Due to the nature of this process slight variation can occur throughout the fabric and each garment will be slightly different. 
  • 50% Recycled Polyester, 50% Organic Cotton
  • Cut and Sewn in New York, USA
  • Screen Printed in Toronto

At Muttonhead we recognize the importance of ethically made clothing. This is why we manufacture all of our tees in a sweatshop free factory located in North America.

Kids Recycled Tee - Campsite - Heather Green
Kids Recycled Tee - Campsite - Heather Green