Juniper Ridge Cabin Spray - MOJAVE 2 oz

By Juniper Ridge

$28.00 $40.00

California desert mountains in a 2 ounce bottle. Fragrance distilled from plants, conifers, bark, moss, mushrooms, and other things found hiking in the Inyo backcountry.
Crafted in small batches using steam-distillation, enfleurage, tincture, and infusion.

Spray once or twice to bring the backcountry indoors for several hours. Because it's made entirely from real plants and trees, our Cabin Spray will never overstay its welcome. 

Juniper Ridge is the only company in the world harvesting, distilling and formulating their own 100% natural fragrances. The only one. The lovely folk at Juniper Ridge are hikers and backpackers, not fashion or luxury-industry types. Juniper Ridge distills colognes and perfumes from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings found hiking the backcountry. A hundred years ago, all perfumes were made this way. Today they are the only ones who handle every step of the process themselves, from beginning to end.

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