Tenting: Do not cheap out on a tent, you’ll regret it, and others that you are camping/hiking with will come to feel a bit annoyed since they thought you came prepared! Sure it’s great to get a deal on a fancy 13 sleeper, but in all realness, you do not even need anything close to that size for a comfortable camping experience. Sure, you might be sleeping like sardines, but would you rather be properly insulated, dry and without a back ache or damp and cold, but hey! you have rolling around space!.. Body heat is good my friend, as awkward as it may be it’s the smart move.  
Quality over quantity definitely applies to this situation like so many others. If you’re going to buy a tent, you might as well do your research and shell out a bit extra for something great, rather than something that is just okay. You want something that is lightweight and easy to carry on your person, but also convenient to pitch up. Extra tarps are a must as well, just make sure you cover the bottom of your tent just as well as the top, but always be sure to let your tent breathe at times to avoid serious condensation.
Attire: Depending on where you're camping, you're going to want to have options for transitioning from day to night- but they key is to dress smart. You don't want to be packing more clothing than you have camping gear (not to mention unnecessary weight on your person!), so some simple tricks and hacks can help with packing and dressing efficient. Tip one, layering; start with a solid pant like our three way pants for east cropping when it is hot, protection form the rough terrain while hiking, and warmth when it gets chilly at night and you need an extra layer. The draw string at the cuff of the pant allows for cinching when its hot, but an easy way to release it when you need a full length pant. Our reversible vest also lends a hand when you need you're arms exposed, but pockets and padding for that big climb. A versatile piece that allows you to keep your body heat in around your chest area, while still having full access to your arms, and a wide pocket on the back for whatever you need access to pronto!

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