Transitional Pieces: Tips on how to start a Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe.

Every good wardrobe needs those classic staples that are meant to serve in an all encompassing way, season to season. Whether it’s basic tees, or well tailored trousers to name a few, the idea of having a multi purpose wardrobe seems both practical, wallet friendly, and without hassle. Here at Muttonhead, we offer pieces that can take you from Fall to Winter effortlessly, so we’ve come up with some tips to help you on your way to a more “Capsule friendly” closet. It’s also noteworthy to mention how environmentally friendly having a solid wardrobe can be, minimizing the routine of tossing out fast fashion clothing only meant to serve the purpose of a season, if you’re lucky.

The notion of a well thought out wardrobe can be daunting to some and we totally get it. The very idea of having to go through your closet and veto certain pieces can seem tedious and quite frankly boring, but you may find decluttering to actually be a therapeutic feeling, rather than a chore. So why not take a daunting task and turn it into a challenge? One to better your life, routine, bank account and of course personal waste. You don’t need to BUY everything to HAVE everything you need. Figure out what you need and work from there. If you are finding yourself reaching less for certain pieces (or barely at all anymore), do not let comparison get the best of you; bench it and move on!

Let’s start from the top, and work our way down; tees and shirts. Neutral colours like whites, greys, black and browns and even denim are the sorts of shades that are never going to get old, nor will they seem repeated. Maybe stick to plain or simple patterns, or shirts with dexterous colours- like plaids and tartans. The colour ways in them allow for many different bottom alternatives, jackets, and leave room for layering. As for bottoms, you’re going to want to pick out equally as versatile pieces that won’t seem repeated or outplayed. A good pair of jeans, perhaps a pair of khaki coloured trousers, colour pallets like navy, black and even dark grey also help keep your outfits feeling fresh.

Moving on to jackets and accessories. These items can easily be the influential factor in whether or not you decide your outfit is feeling too repeated or not. For example, an overcoat with a simple collar can be taken from dressy or work appropriate, to casual in minutes. Stick a hoodie underneath your coat and throw on a hat for a more laid back look. Make sure to have pieces that are practical, serve their purpose, and make sure you love them!

How you style your looks plays a big part in using your wardrobe to your full advantage. Try finding as many ways to wear a piece as possible whether it’s layering, having one of your favourite fitting shirts in two different colours, styling the same outfit with different accessory pieces- the possibilities should be endless!

If you feel you’re wardrobe could stand to be bigger, by all means go for it! Everyone needs some flexibility in their lives and not everyone's lifestyles are the same. These tips are more of helpful suggestions we find to work; a simple stepping stone to creating an effortless wardrobe that fits you. Dressing yourself shouldn't feel like a hassle, it should make you feel good, and buying clothing of quality and longevity feels good.

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