Cheers to Dad’s!

If you love the gift giving but hate gift hunting- let us do the legwork for you. Let’s face it, dads deserve the best gifts- but for a dude that has all he needs already paired with a lifetime of buying him repeat gifts year after year, it can be daunting to think up ideas of what he wants. They have been providing us with the gift of knowledge, random dad jokes and handmade projects for us our whole lives; It’s time to give back and get your dad something just as cool as him, whatever his style. 


Urban Dad

So your dad is a city dweller. A seasoned veteran of all things downtown and in-the-know. He’s stylish, he’s fashion forward, and he knows what he likes. If he’s more of a jeans guy, we carry a few styles (including Chinos) of Naked & Famous. They know jeans, and they know style. If he’s more of a casual city dude, why not try our own Muttonhead trousers paired with a cotton Muttonhead Plaid Buttondown? You can’t go wrong with plaids, and dad’s love plaids. They were basically invented for them.

If you’re dad is just as obsessed with beards as we all are, then you can’t go wrong with grooming products to keep that epic beard looking it’s best. Urban dad’s are the epitome of cool and although they might get slapped with the Hipster label more often than not- play it up! There is nothing wrong with being a Hipster, aren't we all a little hipster on the inside (and out)?

To complete your Urban Dad’s outfit, you can never go wrong with a sleek leather wallet, and you can never have too many wallets amirite? The wear and tear of a dad wallet is rough, so amp your dad's style up with our Robinson leather wallets that only get better with age. Same goes for a belt. If he’s wearing a belt on the reg, gift your pops with a new one and save him the trip to the mall. Look at you, thinking ahead. Go forth and win Kid of the Year award, you are ready.   

 Here are some other ideas for your cool Urban Dad:

(Gift Suggestions: a pair of N&F jeans, a N&F belt, a Robinson wallet, a Muttonhead Plaid Buttondown, Crown Shaving products (Cologne, Beard Balm, Beard Wash, Peppermint Tea Tree Body Wash), Muttonhead Mutt Scruff, Red Wing Copper Iron Ranger boots, W&P Design Gin Kit)

Pet Dad

Maybe your guy just isn’t a dad yet, but he treats his pets like the kids he never had. He takes the best care of his fur babies and deserves to be recognized too, so we’ve got some goodies that will make him (and his pooch) feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The Brand & Iron leather leash is perfect for any size dog, and looks great matched with their leather Key Chain. Bonus points for matching, it’s that easy. He’s probably always out and about rain or shine on park and beach walks with his best friend, and probably also likes to be prepared. That’s where the waterproof parka comes in; A hood for hands free protection (because who has time for umbrellas?), big pockets for doggy treats and extra doggy bags, and snap buttons for easy off and on access. Throw in some goodies for leisure time like the Gin Kit and he’ll be elated you thought of him.

 Here are some other ideas for your Pet Dad:

(Gift Suggestions: Muttonhead Rust Work Shirt, Muttonhead Black Waterproof Parka, Brand & Iron Dog Collar, Brand & Iron Dog Leash, Muttonhead Black and Rust 6 Panel,  Brand & Iron keychain, Muttonhead Mutt Crew Keychain, Muttonhead Wild Dog Tee, Muttonhead Buffalo Check Blanket, Muttonhead Black Baseball Pants, Muttonhead pins, W&P Design Gin Kit, Muttonhead Mutt Scrubs

Outdoor Dad

These thoughtful gifts will make your dad one happy camper. For the dad you can always find in the backyard or up at the Cottage- he’ll wonder how he didn't think of these things before!

 For a twist on a practical gift, new in are the Robinson Knife and Leather Sheath kit, and it’s definitely the highlight of this list. Wooden handle, steel blade and a tanned leather sheath to neatly tuck away is an ultimate dad tool for the outdoors. Our Muttonhead Reversible Vest is another item that'll spark excitement in dear old dad too. Black on one side and navy on the other, this vest features a massive back pocket for all kinds of dad tools and accessories, neatly out of the way and secure.

 Here are some other ideas for your Outdoor Dad:

(Gift Suggestions: Muttonhead patches, Brand & Iron Flask, Northern Comfort Maple Syrup, Brand & Iron Brass Bottle Opener, Muttonhead Camel Roamer Shorts, Muttonhead Waterproof Camping Hoodie, Muttonhead Waterproof 5 Panel, Muttonhead Mountain Tee, Robinson Knife, Muttonhead Reversible Vest, Muttonhead Beer Cosy, Muttonhead Fireside Socks, Muttonhead Buffalo Check Blanket, Muttonhead Mutts Thermal, Muttonhead Patches, Red Wing Moc Boots, Muttonhead Mutt Scrubs, Muttonhead Woodsman Roll on Perfume)

Cyclist dad

Much like the outdoor dad, this dad also enjoys the outdoors and would rather do his part for the planet and cycle from a to b until it is physically impossible to get the bike out in bad weather. Rain or shine, he’s on his bike gettin’ through the day and just being a bad ass. He’s always prepared for the weather, and keeps a pack of useful and versatile stuff when nature decides to switch it up.

 Here are some other ideas for your Cycling Dad:

(Gift Suggestions: Muttonhead Black Waterproof 3-way Pants, Muttonhead Navy Waterproof Mtn Zip Hoodie or Field Jacket, Muttonhead Grey Reverse Drifter, Muttonhead Black Waterproof 5 Panel, Muttonhead Heather Grey Camping Hoodie, 

Jet Setter Dad

Is your dad always on the road, or jetting to different places for work? Does he enjoy the finer things in life, a good cocktail, maybe even a first class flight? Make his trips a bit easier with these handy gift ideas.

 A carry on cocktail kit is probably the best gift your dad never knew he needed. Equip with all the fixins for a killer cocktail, your dad will be flyin’ high and happy about it- just pick his drink of choice and wow him when he opens his gift. Our Denim Longsleeve Buttondown is also a super versatile gift that will never disappoint. Your dad can wear this with his dressier trousers, or dress it down with some slacks or jeans once he's done with his business stuff. You can never go wrong with jean, or buttondowns. Buttondowns are an essential part of a Dads wardrobe, so don’t forget it!

 Here are some other ideas for your on-the-go Dad:

(Gift Suggestions: W&P Design Carry on Cocktail Kits, Brand & Iron Passport Wallet, Rebels Refinery Rehab Eye Roller, Crown Shaving After Shave Tonic, Crown Shaving Matte Hair Clay, Rebels Refinery Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer, N&F Camel Chinos, Muttonhead Denim Long sleeve Button Down, Topo Designs Briefcase, N&F belt, Red Wing Charcoal Iron Ranger

Now that you’ve got all of these ideas swimming in your head, good luck and you're welcome!

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