February 2020

                                                        Meet Maggie!


Age: 7

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer and Yorkie - Schnyorkie?

Rescue Story: Maggie was found tied to a tree in Seodaeumun, of downtown Seoul, South Korea. She was left with no water and a bag of food cut so she could access it in the late summer. A few colleagues brought her to my apartment as I was hosting a pot luck that evening and she was so cuddly and polite from the beginning that we knew we had to give her a better situation. Four years later and she's made the long trip to Canada where she traded up for the traveling, camping, and cottage life in some of the freshest air on the planet. An excellent hiker, she loves being outside and and being a part of the pack wherever we go. An inseparable pair we've made.

Favourite Toy: Her monkey squeaker. With her since our day one. She really loves anything she can chew the squeak out of.

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