Hi Neighbour!  We bounced a few questions off of one of our new...

Hi Neighbour! 

We bounced a few questions off of one of our new stockists Veer NYC about our A/W 13 collection, here is what they had to say!

1. What is unique about your shop?

Veer NYC is the first shop to fully open up all clothing to women. We’ve curated clothing from menswear, unisex and womenswear lines that suit a more androgynous style while at the same time making sure each piece physically fits women’s bodies. 

2. What is Veer NYC, beyond a retail store?

Veer NYC is a movement to put style back into the hands of the person rather than the garment. We are a destination for women who take risks with fashion and who are bold enough to make each piece fit to them (rather than the traditional other way around).

3. After you close up shop, what’s the best thing to do in NYC on a Friday night?

We walk. We shut down and just start wandering through the city. It’s amazing how much there is to see here. Every week we find something new, whether it’s a new store, new restaurant etc. 

4. What is your favorite piece from the current Muttonhead Autumn/Winter ‘13 collection?

Jenny - The charcoal wool trousers!

Allie - The pullover parka! I even snagged one for myself.

5. This season’s “The Great Exploration” collection is strongly influenced by the outdoors. What do you like to do to get out and explore during the colder months?

Jenny snowboards and Allie is learning! Going back to question #3 though, we aren’t scared by the cold weather…our exploration of our own city never stops. We just need more layers!

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