Brooklyn potter - Helen Levi Last month at (capsule) NYC we met...

Brooklyn potter - Helen Levi

Last month at (capsule) NYC we met potter Helen Levi. Both a talented potter and a really cool cat, we can’t get enough of her eye pot and gold hands! Check out an excerpt from her interview on the WATM blog below and read the rest of the interview here.

What artists do you look up to? I’m so inspired by the community of people making things I’ve discovered since I started doing this full time. I used to balance four part time jobs and stress about money and never have the energy to make what I really wanted. But once I met a few people who were truly supporting themselves just by making things they loved, I suddenly felt like there was this possibility there and I just had to take the leap of faith and try to do it. I’ve met so many talented people in New York and elsewhere who are living by that same motto, and doing trades with them and sharing ideas pushes me forward.

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