Hi Neighbour: Portland Dry Goods They have great music...

Hi Neighbour: Portland Dry Goods

They have great music and good beers, we sure like the sound of Portland, Maine. We chatted with Dustin, the ole shop keep at Portland Dry Goods, to find out a little more about what goes down in his portside town. 

M: What is Portland Dry Goods, beyond a retail store?

PDG: We’re a crew! Portland is incredibly tight knit, so we see our customers everywhere we go – they play us music, make our coffee, lose to us in pool (open challenge). Our customers and co-workers keep this place going.

M: After you close up shop, what’s the best thing to do in Portland now that spring is at our doorstep?

PDG: There is great music and great beer in this town, and they go well hand in hand. I’m excited for the Novare Res patio to open up. There’s plenty of hiking and skiing within reachable distance as well – the Audubon trail in Freeport is one of my favorite spots in the state for a walk.

M: What is your favorite piece from the current Muttonhead Spring/Summer ‘13 collection? 

PDG: The Denim 5 panel cap and the Muttonhead x Topo Designs collab crewneck.

M: What is unique about your shop?

PDG: There aren’t too many spots in the world where you can walk a block from a high end tailor shop right to a lobster pound, but we’re in a lucky position where we can offer Maine Made products like Rancourt shoes to tourists, and offer amazing clothes from around the world (sup Canada) to locals. 

M: This seasons “Good Sport” collection is strongly influenced by the 1970’s sporting culture and style. What kind of activities is your team getting up to this season?

PDG: There’s been talk of a bowling league… we’ll see if that gets off the ground. I’ll definitely be shooting some hoops though!

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