This Valentines Day the babes over at HUNTCLUB presents WITH...

This Valentines Day the babes over at HUNTCLUB presents WITH PLEASURE.

The gallery will feature digital collages by our permanent resident Kathryn Macnaughton. A collector and lover of vintage pornography, Macnaughy will be exhibiting work inspired by classic nakies. For a little spice, they have brought in paintings by Sri Lankan born Rajni Perrera. Her creations feature voluptuous tribal women with an aesthetic that is inspired by texture patterns from around the globe.

FYI both artists approach this show with little censorship so expect a lot of nudity.

Tonight is opening night and gallery goers are invited into PORN FORT, an installation crafted in HUNTCLUB’s basement workshop. A collaboration with the uncarvedblock and Tyler Sammy, the fort encapsulates you in map projections and imagery of the explicit nature. 

DJ Filthy Gorgeous will be playing deep sexy music alongside a screening of a A STUDY OF MOVEMENT. Produced by HUNTCLUB, the contemporary dance video features the work of choreographer Vanessa Kimmons. 

WITH PLEASURE opens tonight from 6pm - 11pm and if you have other special plans the show runs until March 4th.

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