In 2013, several North American cities have banned plastic...

In 2013, several North American cities have banned plastic bags. On the other side, there’s the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, highlighting the dangers of replacing plastic with paper. But fretting seriously over the question of paper vs. plastic is much like fighting about which side of your bread to put the butter on. Paper bags are environmentally taxing on the front end, requiring absurd amounts of natural resources (such as the water to paper pulp ratio of 400 gallons to 1). Plastic bags are more taxing on the back end, causing widespread, lasting litter, especially in the sea. They’re even found in the stomachs of cows in Ethiopia.

A great solution is to use a canvas, cotton, denim, or nylon “reusable” bag. Do your part, save some animals in the process and say “NO” to paper and plastic. 

Thanks to Kaufmann-Mercantile for this! 

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