Hi Neighbour: Goblin Store We caught out with our nordic...

Hi Neighbour: Goblin Store

We caught out with our nordic brothers to find out what kinda trouble goes down in the dark and rainy winters in Norway. Well guess what, they are mutts after our own hearts! Read the rest of our interview with Erlend and check out this funny illustration made by BOT.

M: What is unique about your shop?

G: Hmm. What makes Goblin Store unique from a Norwegian perspective would first of all be the brands we carry. The mix of brands is almost just available at our store - and that is something we’re proud of. We really enjoy innovative brands, such as Muttonhead, and one of the goals when we started was to dissociate ourselves from other mainstream shops. Some of these brands will definitely do well in Scandinavia sooner rather than later and it’s cool to be the first one out. Norway has always been a few years behind Denmark and Sweden fashion wise, and if we can help make a change, then that’s awesome. It’s very unlikely that the goods we offer are mass-produced, and we really appreciate the people supporting us and sharing the same thoughts. 

M: What is Goblin, beyond a retail store?

G: Well, Goblin is more than a shop. We really have a passion for art, photography, music and design, in addition to clothing. We had our first art exhibition with international and national urban-and-street-artists back in April in our hometown, Bergen. The response was enormous and it was great to see so many people showing up. It was really important for us to do something for the locals and it couldn’t have turned out better.

We have a web magazine called Goblin Mag that features all these categories. We have a team of writers that are really up to date and have a deep understanding in their sort of niche. Whether it’s photography, clothing, shoes, art, music, or design.

M: After you close up shop, what’s the best thing to do in Bergen (during the fall/winter seasons)?

G: Our shop is always open for business since we are (at the moment) only a webstore :) But seriously, after work we often check out new local cafés/restaurants, or go out for some beers and complain about the weather (since it’s always raining in Bergen). Skiing and snowboarding is a big thing in Norway because we have so many mountains. In the winter we often spend the weekend at someone’s cabin. We mostly just relax and party, and we’re usually hungover so we don’t end up going skiing, but at least we bring the skies/snowboards for the sight’s sake.

M. What is your favourite piece from the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection?

G: First of all, one of the things we like most about Muttonhead is that it’s 100% sweatshop free and locally made. The latest unveiling about the awful conditions in factories that are used by the big brands, such as H&M, has created a lot of anger in Norway and Sweden (as H&M is Swedish). Although this is nothing new, it’s good to see that people are becoming more aware of what they’re actually purchasing. Muttonhead is the complete opposite, and maybe the best example on how it can be done.

Regarding your latest collection, this is the first time we’ve carried Muttonhead (the RBW collaboration) and we are really looking forward to receiving a full Muttonhead collection in the Spring of 2013. The ultra-soft Raglan Sweater must be one of the comfiest apparel pieces we’ve ever touched… a great fit both for women and men. The Baseball Pants also look amazing.

M: What kind of staff parties do you guys have? 

G: Great ones.

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