Hi Neighbour: Board of Trade Co. We caught up with the...

Hi Neighbour: Board of Trade Co.

We caught up with the multi-tasking David Lin of BOT to find out more about their growing retail empire. From designing their own line and opening a second location in Gastown the BOT crew has big plans for 2013. As of Spring/Summer 2013 Muttonhead will now be available in both locations and we are very excited to grow our business together and make our mark in Vancouver.

M: What is unique about your shop?

BOT: From the very beginning our main focus was to create a platform to showcase young emerging designers in fashion, art and design. Too often we would walk into a boutique and see the same star-power brands carried time and time again. We created the store with the notion that there are other consumers, like us, who are looking for something fresh, unique and different.

M: What is Board of Trade, beyond a retail store?

BOT: We are a family. Above all else, it is important to us that we create positive personal relationships with our designers and customers. Our store has been a labour of love and everyone that has helped us along the way knows that they have been an instrumental piece to this project. We make our business personal, from designing collaborative pieces with our designers or asking our customers what brands they want Board of Trade Co. to support next. Ultimately, we want to develop a collective space for other creatives or entrepreneurs to come get inspired and enjoy what we enjoy.

M: After you close up shop, what’s the best thing to do in Vancouver (during the fall/winter seasons)?

BOT: The store has become a communal meeting/hang out spot for our friends, so many nights after we close we clear the store tables, order Pizzeria Farina from down the street, do a booze run and just feast.

M: What is your favourite piece from the current Muttonhead Autumn/Winter 2012 collection?

BOT: The Baseball Pants made from recycled hemp. Vancouver is a laidback city. Everyone who came in loved these effortless, yet stylish pants.

M: What kind of staff parties do you guys have?

BOT: Ragers. There are three of us that run the store and we employ a range of friends, designers, and customers to do many random tasks for us. The least we could do is throw a rager every so often for everyone.

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