(capsule) had chosen yet another amazing artist to collaborate...

(capsule) had chosen yet another amazing artist to collaborate with for the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2013 buying season. Learn more about 30 year old Santtu Mustonen of Finland. 

Hometown: Helsinki and a handful small villages around Finland

Currently live in: New York City

Favorite clothing brands: I am not particularly loyal to any specific clothing brands. I like to buy a piece of clothing and be the very last person to wear it. I love materials that have a purpose like my waterproof cotton jacket. I also appreciate the ideology of fashion brands that are ethical and environmentally conscious such as my friend Anniina Nurmi’s brand Nurmi Clothing.

Please give us a snapshot of your life as an artist—childhood memories, schooling etc. How did you arrive at the place you are now? I have always wanted to draw and build things with my hands. I got a small whiff of various fields in the arts as I drifted different places and art schools. I’ve been lost a few times, but I think that all of my experiences have crystallized in what I am doing at the moment.

Describe the work you’re most well known for: It’s hard for me to say what I am most well known for because I am always experimenting. I think of my work like an explosion of many disparate elements. I would be kind of happy to be known for making things that are weird and obscure.

Describe the work you’re most proud of: I am scared to be too proud of anything that I have made but I feel proud to work with clients who trust and appreciate my work. I am more curious about where my work will go and I love that.

What kinds of tools do you use (specific pencils, ink etc)? I will use anything I can find and I like to experiment and discover new tools on accident. Sometimes that means being very messy and doing odd things. I like any object that can make any sort of stain.

Analog vs digital in your work, how do they work together if at all? There is a perfect contrast between the analog and digital like dirty and clean. Working digitally gives me the ability to control an analog chaos.

Describe your work space and the daily routine of your working life? Every other day my work space is in order and all the other days my work space is an utter mess. I like to drink my coffee at my studio before the rooster crows.

You’re from Finland and travel/live/work back and forth between New York—can you tell us a little bit about your hometown versus the Big Apple and why perhaps, both places are important to your life as an artist and how? The last five years I have been living in Amsterdam, Helsinki and New York City. I need to admit that New York has a really special vibe even though I miss the wonky bits of peaceful Amsterdam and the deep shadows of the Finnish forest. Where I am living is less important to me than how I am feeling.

Some things that are inspiring you right now: Currently I feel inspired by sculptural objects and installations. Next month I plan to spend my free time in a garage.

Some thoughts on the pieces you did for Capsule? The pieces that I made for Capsule are a genial and random set of different pieces. I think that’s what Capsule is about and I think that’s the way to something good.

Upcoming projects or exhibitions: Solo show, 2013. Great.


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