DIY: Driftwood Christmas Tree For those of you who live on the...

DIY: Driftwood Christmas Tree

For those of you who live on the coast a driftwood Christmas tree is a great sustainable alternative to a traditional tree. If you live inland you could subsitute sticks for pieces of driftwood.

What you will need to do:

  • Gather driftwood *brush off any loose sand, make sure wood is dry & collect different lengths of wood to give the impression of a traditional tree.
  • Gather potential pieces for a base or buy base for a Charlie Brown tree.
  • Buy a dowel (for the spine of the tree) but do so after you find all of the wood for the tree so you know how long it needs to be.
  • Use a hand drill with multiple drill bits (that are slightly larger than the width of your dowel).


  1. Line up your wood by selecting the longest piece of driftwood and then select increasingly smaller pieces (see photo below).
  2. Drill the thinner/ smaller pieces of driftwood at the top of the tree to the exact size as the dowel, these pieces are easier to finagle with a tight fit. If the dowel starts to stick in the driftwood make the hole slightly larger by maneuvering the drill around in a circular motion.
  3. Once you configure the wood for the tree selected a “trunk” and insert the dowel.
  4. Decorate and we like to put up a tree on the Christmas Eve and leave up for the 12 Days of Christmas.

Thanks to The Space Between for this.

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