HI NEIGHBOUR: Chris of Van Liebling in Berlin. M: What’s unique...

HI NEIGHBOUR: Chris of Van Liebling in Berlin.

M: What’s unique about your shop?

VL: What makes it unique is the alternative interior, including artwork by a good friend of mine, Chrisse Kunst, and the well-selected brands. Also, the fact that it is kind of a one man show with a little help from my friends. I am behind the counter nearly everyday. I seek the brands, do the buying, sell the product, and do everything else that is necessary to make Van Liebling shine. Now Van Liebling is not just a shop, I launched a label for electronic music this month, called “Van Liebling Recordings.”

M: What is Van Liebling, beyond a retail store?

VL: As I mentioned before, there is the record label, and we host a monthly party called “Van Liebling and friends.” Next year I want to launch the Van Liebling clothing brand (hopefully in collaboration with Muttonhead). You could say Van Liebling is a lifestyle.

M: After you close up shop, what’s the best thing to do in Berlin (during the Autumn/Winter season)?

VL: I take my bass guitar and play some funky tunes. If not that, one of the best things to do in Berlin is to party… to party really hard. For those who might not know, Berlin is the world’s capital for electronic music. There are so many clubs/parties to get lost in, or to freak out, and nobody will care. You can be whatever, however, or whomever you want here, Berlin will not judge you.

M: What is your favourite piece from the current Muttonhead Autumn/Winter ’12 collection?

VL: The Trip Out raglan sweater. I am wearing both colour ways. It’s the best sweatshirt I have ever had.

M: What kind of staff parties do you guys have?

VL: The staff parties mostly start at the shop. My staff just consists of Pat and Alex, who love beer. If they are not working, they often just rock by the shop to have a beer. Usually Pat has his first one around 5pm. The shop usually closes at 8pm, but quite often we keep it open ‘til midnight and if there isn´t a VL and friends party going on, we definitely find another one.

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