Groundswell – a new film by Chris Malloy of Patagonia, Farm...

Groundswell – a new film by Chris Malloy of Patagonia, Farm League Productions, and Woodshed Films in conjunction with the Raincoast Conservation Foundation – is setting out out on tour. It’s a small film about making a big stand.  

Groundswell features world-class surfing of Patagonia’s Trevor GordonDan Malloy and Chris Malloy. Canadian phenomenon Peter Devries also joins Raincoast aboard their 70-foot sailboat to discover what the remote coast of British Columbia, Canada, has to offer – and why it must be protected. Together with local indigenous leaders, this group gives voice to a coast in peril from a proposed Tar Sands pipeline and associated oil tanker traffic.

Thanks to Patagonia for taking action and bringing this to our attention.

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