To introduce some of our amazing new retailers from around the...

To introduce some of our amazing new retailers from around the globe to you, we are starting a new series on our blog called “Hi Neighbour”. We are growing up and are now stocked in 15 countries around the world, however we don’t want to forget the importance of getting to know our neighbours! To kick off this new series we caught up with Angelo Destounis of Off The Hook in Montréal, check out his interview below.

M: What is unique about your shop?

OTH: Well first off, thank you for this interview! To answer your question; our city of “Montréal” is unique. The French language, the European feel, the nightlife, the food etc… So we, as individuals, live and breathe the culture here. Many creative people influence us within our circle of friends, outsiders perhaps, or even clients we meet along the way. We also have the opportunity to travel, visit other cities and hang out with partners, whether it be a brand representative, designer or shop owner. On our way back, we are fully energized and ready to share brand new “unique” ideas.  

M: What is OTH, beyond a retail store?

OTH: OTH is an institute. We have 13 years under our belt, and growing stronger everyday, doing our very best to innovate the way we do business and communicate with our customers. I’d like to add that OTH is a progressive culture shop. I’ve been lucky enough to participate as co-owner here since I was 18 years old. I have lived through so much… I’ve been and seen so much… My journey here has been unbelievable. This is why I state this is a culture shop, because I wouldn’t be who I am today if I wasn’t a part of this amazing industry. 

M: After you close up shop, what’s the best thing to do in Montréal (during the fall/winter seasons)?

OTH: On my behalf, I play indoor soccer 3 times a week. I party about once a month. I’m older now and it’s not always easy to go out, it takes a toll on your physical and mental being. As far as the staff, they are young and wild, and able to handle it. So let’s say the “older” group here likes to go out for food! Maybe a film or museum! But to answer your question, this city has tons of bars and clubs. You can attend shows in every genre of music almost every day, no lie. Even in the winter, we have an outdoor electronic music event called “Igloofest”. It goes on for 3 weeks!! 

 M: What is your favourite piece from the current Muttonhead Autumn/Winter 2012 collection?

OTH: I love the Utility Dress Shirt, and the Trousers! And I’m really excited for the Spring ‘13 collection!

M: What kind of staff parties do you guys have?

OTH: We have all sorts of parties, from product launches, to collection drops, art exhibits, leather workshops, tattoo sessions, we even have barbers come do hair cuts!! 

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