Finding yourself caught in that painfully long gap of time...

Finding yourself caught in that painfully long gap of time between last nights party and tonights pre drink? Well the migratory disco/house/boogie cocktail Room Temperature has concocted a solution that will undoubtedly arrive with a tiki umbrella. Starting at 3pm on Saturday afternoon we offer you a place for recovery, relaxation and ultimately party redemption. Join us in the urban oasis of Cold Teas back patio where seasoned park drinkers Members Only & Parasol will be lightly dousing you in smooth musical mist until sundown when they give into their natural instincts and start playing the likes of Rod Stewart, George Harrison and Toto.

Today from 3pm-10pm enjoya snack stand by La Carnitas Nathan Middleton.Its been kept hush what hes planning, but lets just obviously hint that hes quite a catch when it comes to the grill.

But youve already eaten and just want to enjoy a frozen treat in the sun? Thats fine too, as Brandon Olsen from the Black Hoof will be providing us with his home made ice cream bars, which you can enjoy if you havent already melted into a pool of I cant fucking wait after reading this. Neither can we.

FREE! But please bring us some sun screen.

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