5 minutes with Craig Strickland Craig is a Toronto local...

5 minutes with Craig Strickland

Craig is a Toronto local who stared in ourSpring/Summer 2012lifestyle shoot. Craig is currently enrolled in the Royal Conservatory of Music and after you check out pics you should head over to to listen to his tunes!

1.What are your favorite places to hang in your hood?When Im not working, you can normally find me at the Beaconsfield or on the roof of the Drake Hotel.

2.First impressionsVery important, but can also be misleading. I think its nice to give people a few chances.

3.The most exciting place right now is My apartment. I know it sounds boring, but I just bought some new gear and I am having a hard time walking out the front door.

4.Biggest indulgence in life?I have far too many indulgences to list.

5.Name four essential elements of a good party.Good food and drink, good company and conversation, and great music.

6.Hotel room or campsite?Campsite for a few days, and then hotel room to shower and use the bed for a night. I recently camped in Hawaii, and it was an unbelievable experience.

7.My favorite quality in a man iswhen they mean what they say.

8.My favorite quality in a woman isevery one is my favorite, it depends on the woman.

9.Your motto in life?I dont have a motto, but If I were to make one up on the spot it would be; Life is too short to spend it being an asshole.

10. What is the evil version of you like?I think a more appropriate question is; what is the nice version of me like.

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