Mutt of the Month - June Nickname: Hail, Halle...

Mutt of the Month - June

Nickname: Hail, Halle Berry

Nickname:Charles, Shabadoo

Full Name:Hailee

Full Name:Chuck

Breed:Golden Retriever

Breed:French Bulldog

Skillz:Bow, play dead, wave, speak, whisper, wait, shake paws, high fives, spin, sit pretty, crawl and posing for photos.

Skillz:Giving his left paw, snoring, burping, waiting, posing for photos and eating.

Fav Food:Cheese

Fav Food:Cheese

Dreams of Air conditioned car rides that lead directly to open water, food, getting brushed, shredding stuffed animals and doggie daycare.

Dreams ofTess the Pug, playing ball, unlimited amounts of raw beef, snuggling with humans and sun bathing.

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