Mutt of the Month: May Nickname Name:Marni: Miss Marni...

Mutt of the Month: May

Nickname Name:Marni: Miss Marni Morningstar, Mar Mar, Princess and forCubby: Cubsies, CubCub, Bear

Full Name:Marni Spring/Summer 04 Beckerman (age 8) Cubby Peter Beckerman (age 9) both turning 9 and 10 this summer.

Breed:Pomeranians (pomi-hoo hoos).

Skillz:Marni loves to dance/talk to insects, and Cubby loves to swim/listen to Kelly Clarkson (his fav)!

Fav Food:Marni loves carrots and Cubby loves cheese.

Dreams ofCubby dreams of being pushed around in his dog stroller 24/7 because he is obsessed. Whereas Marni dreams of party rocking and staying up all night, just to be the first one up in the morning.

Thanks to the Beckerman babes for this and make sure you head over to their blog or instagramif you wanna get another dose of pom pom cuteness overload!!

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