Hayley Lapalmes TED talk How I Fell in Love with...

Hayley Lapalmes TED talk How I Fell in Love with Hospital Food

Hayley grew up in the Canadian outdoors, paddling canoes and playing tag in the forest near her home in Waterloo, Ontario. Hayleys respect and appreciation for the people who feed the worlds communities was cultivated in her grand parents backyard and has grown over time through the farmers she has met across Canada, India, and Barbados. She now works as a researcher and facilitator advancing the sustainability of our food systems with the environmental non-profit, My Sustainable Canada.

Hayley talks about theprovincialhospital food system andhighlightsthe two largest obstacles, the crisis of quality and of mixmessaging. She points out how a large problem can be turned into a even biggeropportunityso watch the video and see for yourself.

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